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AmazonBasics Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter, 5Kg Pack of 2

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Introducing Amazon Basics Cat Litter. Made out of 100% natural bentonite, Amazon Basics Cat Litter is organic & dust free, making it safe for pets as well as pet owners. The high absorption feature leads to quick clumping upon contact with cat waste. These clumps can be easily scooped out without removing the remaining litter, keeping your pet clean making it easy to maintain hygiene. Amazon Basics Cat litter eliminates odour from cat waste. The fine texture of natural bentonite clay granules is also soft on your pet’s paw

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  • This product is made of 100% natutal bentonite clay
  • It has a dust free formutation making it safe for pets & pet owners
  • This product quickly absorbs moisture upon contact with cat urine
  • The quick clumping action makes it convinient for you to scoop out and clean
  • Fine texture of the litter ensures comfort on the paws of the cat
  • This litter features optimum odur control, helping you keep your home odour free


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