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Sploot Natural Wet Dog Food – Punchy Paneer – Pet Food for Adult and Puppy Dogs – Paneer and Egg – 200gms Each (Pack of 3


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  • BEST INGREDIENTS – We settle for nothing less than the best for your pet baby. Our fresh dog food is prepared with the finest ingredients that promise a wholesome, nutritious meal for your little champ.
  • ALL NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE-FREE – Made with all natural ingredients and delivered in a retort pouch, our fresh food contains no added chemicals or preservatives. Only gobble-worthy goodness and lots of love!
  • IRRESISTIBLE TASTE – Formulated with all-time favourite flavours like chicken, fish and mutton, our fresh food is equal parts delicious as it is healthy. A true win-win!
  • THE PERFECT ON-THE-GO MEAL – Packed to travel with you wherever you go, our fresh food need not be refrigerated until opened. So leave behind meal prep worries, because healthy, yummy and easy to carry grub is here to save the day!
  • FOR BUSY PET PARENTS – Ready-made and prepared to perfection, our fresh food is a convenient choice for pet owners who lack the time to prepare meals from scratch without compromising on nutritional value
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Introducing our premium line of pet food, crafted with a commitment to excellence: the best for your furry companion. Our fresh dog food is meticulously prepared using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious meal for your beloved pet.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to providing an all-natural and preservative-free diet. Each serving is carefully made from natural ingredients, and we’ve done away with harmful additives and preservatives. We deliver this goodness in a convenient retort pouch that keeps the flavors intact.

Your pet’s taste buds are in for a treat! Our recipes feature beloved flavors like chicken, fish, and mutton, making mealtime not only nourishing but also irresistibly tasty. It’s a win-win situation, promoting health and delight in every bite.

For those always on the move, we have the perfect solution. Our fresh food is thoughtfully packaged for portability. You can take it along on your travels without the need for refrigeration until opened. Bid farewell to meal prep worries – we’re here to provide a hassle-free, healthy, and delectable option that fits your busy lifestyle.

We understand the challenges of being a devoted pet parent with a hectic schedule. Our ready-made, perfectly balanced fresh food is the ultimate choice for those who desire convenience without compromising on their pet’s nutrition. Give your pet the love they deserve with our carefully crafted meals. Your pet’s health and happiness are our top priorities.


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